Friday, October 23, 2009

SSH Tunneling in Workbench 5.2.6 Alpha

Given the announcement earlier this week of an updated release of the actively developed MySQL Workbench 5.2, I thought I'd give it a quick look...

Install on Windows went without a hitch.

One thing I noticed, which I don't remember being previously available in MySQL GUI tools, is the ability to connect to a remote MySQL server via SSH tunneling.

Below is a screen shot:

Well done! A small, but significant addition for folks that require SSH to connect to their systems.

I did notice that the design in Workbench involves selecting "Standard TCP/IP over SSH" from the drop down and then providing credentials in a more "form" oriented layout. An "SSH" tab like we see in Navicat or SQLyog might be more familiar for some folks. (Also, a minor note, no "browse" button next to the "Path to SSH key file" option.)

I know that 5.2 is still in active development, but the functionality in regards to SSH looks good to go...with maybe just a few tweaks to the connections dialog :)

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